Jorge Grimberg has an important role in Brazil’s fashion industry. Serving as the correspondent for Business of Fashion (BoF) and Vogue US, he has become the voice of his generation for fashion internationally. At his hometown, São Paulo, he also serves as a fashion columnist for newspaper O Estado de São Paulo and as a constant collaborator for publications, such as Casa Vogue, GQ and L’Officiel magazine. Jorge is also is one of the hosts off the television and Youtube show The Hits.
Jorge Grimberg is head of Social Media at Index Assessoria, working with strategy and content development for major fashion and lifestyle companies.
At WGSN, Grimberg develops reports analyzing the fashion industry in Brazil, such as the December 2015 study Brazil: The Impact of White and Icon: Costanza Pascolato. At Business of Fashion, Grimberg created a storyline for Brazilian fashion internationally, provoking the system, and setting the stage for the country to engage with the global fashion market. The sum of these efforts have earned him the responsiblity to be the eyes and ears of American Vogue in Brazil. During São Paulo Fashion Week, Jorge handpicks 15 designers to be featured on the international website of Vogue US, with reviews and commentary on the collections.
Lately, he has expanded his role from Brazil to cover Latin America, including also Buenos Aires Fashion Week. Grimberg has also worked as a creative consultant for companies, such as Bulgari, DM9/DDB, J Walter Thompsom Worldwide, Coolhunting and Coca-Cola, developing content strategy and exclusive market analysis.
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